Roger Davis
1962 - 2008
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from Mike and Wini Jimmerson

Wini wrote this for me as I did not think I could…..

Where do I (we) begin----no doubt on the deck of the “Triple Threat” @ Deckhands Marina for a “leisurely” dinner with Ric & Co.—That’s how we met Roger… 

After purchasing our home, Rog was one of the first to stop by—with the formation of WTYC, he took the lead as Com-mod-a-dore (he didn’t like the sailors hat) with monthly gatherings-that-when he hosted included enough food for an army and fun themes.  Can we remember St Patrick’s Day at Bo’s (with his father in tow) with green hats and beer to match????

Our son’s live in other cities the Christmas of ’03 so our family Christmas photo with “the tree” included only Mike-Rog-Me, it was official, Rog was a part of our family…..

Roger’s work schedule was more flexible then and on any given day he would just pop in to say “Hi” and most times he would help with a project or dinner.

With “Ivan”, Roger stayed with us—he helped Mike with prep before the storm and calmed my claustrophobia with beers and long conversations on the back deck—he probably knew more about me than most because of his ability to listen….  In the days after “Ivan”, Mike’s insurance claims took him away for long hours—leaving clean-up at the house at a standstill.  Roger jumped in and without being asked he cleared most of the debris—it was a blessing for Mike and I.  He even bought 2 bat houses as “thanks” for letting him stay with us during the storm…  Every time I see these houses in our trees, I will think of Rog….

He shared our communal love for the sea by way of his pontoon boat, dinner cruises, Crab Island trips, the Craig Cat and listening to endless conversations about our “sea tales”…..

That’s the word that describes Rog---SHARED  
**his love of music from Bach to Dave Stewart
**his love of food, wine, conversations and gatherings whether it be on a boat, his home, a friends or AJ’s or Bo’s.
**his time---his ear—his heart—his love of family—his concerns—his big bear hug and even bigger smile….
**his very dry wit

And his love for those of us who were blessed in this life to be called---his friends………………………………..

Fair winds—God Speed and Good Night God Bless you Roger….
from Stu Juengst

Roger was a sweet guy and a loyal friend.  He was loved by everyone.  His cheery disposition and delightful sense of humor made us always glad to see him.  He was our social coordinator, making sure our group got together once a month for dinner parties and outings.  He will be missed ...

from Mary Coerver

Roger......that funny guy who was not only unbelievably funny, sweet, good~natured, huggable, but intelligent and had the manners of a royal prince. How can you describe Roger in mere words??? You had to experience him to appreciate him. I just loved that guy. In fact, it is the main reason I keep a certain picture on my desk. It is of Mike and Wini, Stu and I and Roger. That picture is a reminder of a reallllllllllly great time, of being with good friends, and 99% of it had to do with Roger. He was such an incredible guy. I am so sad. I keep trying to shake it and can't. He was one of those people I just counted on to make me laugh. He was probably one of the top five funniest people I ever knew in my life. Not funny, ha a comedian...but, much better. He was so witty, real intelligent wit. Several times, he had me laughing so hard I literally fell out of my chair! He definitely will be missed! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends.....I can not imagine how saddened you must be.
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from Lee Nocella

I met Roger in the summer of 1993 at Circuit City in Hoover, Alabama.  We were both working part-time in the computer department.  Neither of us needed the money - we were there for the discount :)  The first time I laid eyes on Roger, he was standing at a computer laughing hysterically.  I walked over to the computer and looked at the screen expecting to see something funny.  He was playing solitaire.  He was laughing at a joke he had just come up with in his head.  We were instant friends.  His mind never stopped working on jokes and puns that, good or bad, always managed to make me laugh.  I will truly miss that part of him.  Roger had a huge, diverse circle of friends that he was always eager to include me and my friends in.  Through him I have met Matt, Colleen, Dru, Bo, and lots of other wonderful people Roger included among his family of friends.  Roger told me every time I talked to him that I always had an open invitation to pop down to Fort Walton any time.  Over the past years, my buddy Steven and I have taken him up on his generous hospitality many times.  There was always a boat or a piece of furniture to work on.  And a plate of fried "skrimps" to eat at Bo's.  And martinis at Matt's house.  And steaks at Coach and Four.  And long walks on the sunny beaches in the place he called "Paradise."   Rest in peace, dear friend....

Lee Nocella
Birmingham, AL
from Ric Shepherd

Roger was always game.  Years ago without knowing anything about sailing when I called at 8:30 pm; “Roger, want to go sailing?”  I pulled up to his beach on my Hobie 16 and the rest is history.  He was there for me when I needed a hand driving “Triple Threat” while entertaining.  We drove into the gulf on multiple occasions and participated with boat deliveries as far away as Pensacola.

He loved my mom, “Miss Kitty”, and she loved him.  Actually she had quite a crush on him.  She called him “MY Roger.  Her eyes would light up each time he would come visit.  He was there when we moved her from Central Florida in 2003 to help unload the truck.  At her 80th birthday he was instrumental with the coordination and decorations.  Again at her 82nd he was a big part of my support crew.

He was our leader in the WTYC, our informal Yacht Club.

I think I saw Roger differently than most – he was my friend, my close friend, yes, he had the sense of humor, but he was my friend, someone I could always talk to and he to me.  I just enjoyed his company.  I miss him so.
from Karen Ashford
I as well felt  worse this morning than yesterday or everyday since Thursday.  So to comfort my soul, I went to watch the sunrise on the beach. 

It was beautiful, with a little cloud above it with a "silver lining".  I realized that Roger was the "silver lining" in all of those that he met.  Though Roger  is not down the road from me now, his spirit is in every sunrise and sunset over the ocean.  It is in every diver's eyes as they see the colors of the reef for the first time, as he so loved.  It is in the freedom of every boater as they spend the day on the ocean. 

It is in every song in the music that he had such passion for .    And it is in every heart of the elderly and the very young, as Roger had such compassion for others. 

All we have to do is look, and we will see his spirit everywhere, as it is in all good things that are still important on this earth .  I hope that I can leave this world with giving more than I took, as that was the kind of person Roger was to everyone.  We all miss him dearly, so look for that "silver lining" as he would want to give that to all of us. 

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but the moments that take our breath away"
from Linda Wright
It’s so hard to do justice to Roger with mere words. He served as a wonderful example to us all with his loving, generous, and positive attitude. He kept us in stitches with his quick wit and touched the lives of so many people. He was the organizer and instigator of many wonderful gatherings. We miss him dearly!
from Ed Rodriguez
Rest my dear friend rest. On day 3 God’s hand will reach out to you and guide you to the light of his gate. Enter with you head held high for you have inspired so many of us. Your friendship lives with us all and you will never be forgotten. When God’s Angels meet you at his gate, they will guide you on your next journey. Your mother will be there to show you where to go, she is waiting for your arrival. You have touched everyone of us in your own way, neither a foul word or feeling you had towards others. Your father will miss you and your daily calls to him, but he will be with all of you in time so don’t worry. My only wish is that I could be as caring and forgiving as you. Enter his garden and safe journey my friend "Roger Davis". God has blessed us with your short time on this Earth.
from Ja'nae Moore
How can I even express how very much I miss you?  You have been a part of my life for the last 10 years.  I even remember how we met -  at jazz nite at Don Carlos.  You sitting at the bar playing your air piano and me serving you a martini; after a few simple words and a dry joke or two I knew we would be longtime friends..........and low and behold I was right!!!!   A lot of long dinners and lots of wine and extremely long convos - how I’m going to miss that.......

Roger was a very giving person; he would give you pretty much anything he could, and of course, it was no problem to him.  That was Roger.   I will miss a lot of things that we did as friends, my mom will also miss him dearly.  Once I was strapped for a way to meet my mom in Mississippi and Roger drove me there on his way to see his Dad.  OK, it was way out of the way but he made it seem like it was no big deal.  That was Roger, the ever giving person - never taking.  I sometimes wonder why God takes the good ones and leaves the bad ones, but as my Mom says he must need an another ANGEL by his side...........  So as I grieve for my dear friend, I also think of him with his Mom and meeting my Grandparents and looking down on all of us and asking us to remember him with love, and I for one know I will see him again.............God Bless to all.
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from Suzy Dodd
It has taken me awhile to be able to write anything for Roger. You all are right by saying how friendly, warm, kind, selfless, caring and it goes on. He was always that way. From the time we were little he was my sunshine. We even used to sing that song "You Are My Sunshine" on our trips to Florida. I would start singing it just to get on everyone nerves but Roger never minded.

My life has a huge hole in it. Even with me having three sons, I still have the hole from Roger not being just a phone call away. My anger is still present and I know he wouldn't like me being angry.

He was blessed with so many friends, he knew how to treat people and it was returned to him. I thought about the tribute to Roger at Bo's Place and how wonderful that made Rog feel. He was laughing with all of you.

Little things are hard to do any more. Watching the weather for the Fort Walton forecast actually hurts now. My dad is still in shock and will be for a long time, I can imagine the hole in him is bigger than mine.

I hope to hear from any of you when you can. You all were great friends to Roger. He is still the best big brother anyone could ask for.

from Bruce Alt

Most of you who will read this have no idea who I am. My name is Bruce Alt. I worked with Roger when he was at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Since we often had long lapses in our communications I just found out today (11/27/08) that Roger had died in September.

Even though several years passed after Roger left WDW, we maintained contact. When I retired in 2007 and moved to Austin, Texas I met Roger in the Florida panhandle for dinner and a night of conversation. We continued to talk on the phone and exchange emails.

As several of you have mentioned, Roger was a great friend - you don't keep up with old co-workers normally. We had long esoteric conversations. The topics ranged over politics, history, psychology, movies, etc. Roger was encyclopedic in his knowledge and a great listener and conversationalist. We shared a warped sense of humor and had several personal "in-jokes".

We both loved the music of Al Stewart and agreed that he was one of the most intelligent lyricists we had ever heard. Roger's range of interest in music was extremely wide. We once went to a Pat Benetar concert together and had a wonderful time.

I will miss Roger greatly. He was a good man and a unique friend.  I cannot find the attribution of the quote below, but it does seem to describe Roger well:

"The measure of a man's worth can be determined by the number of true friends he acquires in his lifetime."
Tributes Updated 12/1/2008
(Roger's Birthday)
from Janae Moore

On the occasion of Roger's birthday (1 December), Janae passed on this very applicable quote:

                              "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened."
                                                                Dr. Seuss

from Suzy Dodd (near the first anniversary of Roger's passing)

"As we have already arrived at the sad occasion (sad for us, happy for Rog) of Roger having moved on to a better place a year ago, we can't believe it has been a year. Most of us have daily thoughts and although sad, I am giving my all to focus on the countless happy times and memories. I have had the privilege of getting to know many of Rogers friends, and through the last year I realize now why he loved all of you so much. I find myself living more like Roger, and that is a great way to live. Life is short and we know that soon we will see Roger and he'll greet us with open arms.. That gives me a sense of comfort. Roger, keep sailing and smiling as you always have. I love you."
from Suzy Dodd (on Roger's Birthday, 2009)

"Happy Birthday Rog, to us you are 47 but always a kid at heart. We all miss you dearly and we know we will all be together one day. There will be many toasts to you on this bittersweet day. Love always, Suzy."